The Stock Market

The stock market, or what is known as the stock market, refers to the group of markets in which regular activities are carried out to buy, sell and issue shares and bonds of public companies, and these financial activities are carried out through a set of official institutional exchanges or markets outside the stock market, and transactions in the stock market are carried out under a group Specified from the strict regulations and laws that must be followed by two trading parties, whether the seller or the buyer, and the investor wishing to trade on the stock exchange must do a good study on what are the shares and what are their types, to know the best in trading for him.

In a country or region that allows financial transactions in stocks through multiple places designated for trading operations, whether at the level of stocks or bonds or any of the forms of securities, there is a slight difference between the term stock market and the stock market, as the stock market is a subset of the stock market Or, it is part of the whole, to form part of the stock market, and although it is called the stock market or the stock market, and is famous mainly for the trading of stocks, but many other securities are traded with it, such as trading funds, corporate bonds and financial derivatives Based on th Shares, commodities, currencies, and bonds.

The stock market acts as a platform through which many investors meet, both for the purpose of buying or selling that is done through dealing and interacting with each other, and they can trade among them also through online shopping, which is known as the modern stock market.

Types of financial markets

The stock market is part of the stock market, and as mentioned earlier, just as shares are traded in it, many other tools are traded as well, such as bonds, mutual funds and derivative contracts, the stock market is a source for all companies to collect funds and investors to buy partial ownership in the business The other commercial, the owners of which are working to develop them in order to make money, and divides the stock market into two main types:

The primary stock market

The primary stock market, in which investment companies enter for the first time, with the aim of collecting money from investors who want to trade and buy shares for profit, and the company is registered in the primary stock market so that it can issue its shares to the public and collect funds, and in the event that the company can sell its shares for the first time It must first public offering, later become a public company in the stock market, and companies, when going to obtain the public offering, must provide all the details about it.

Secondary stock market

Secondary stock market The secondary stock market is characterized by trading in it by investors already listed securities through sales and purchases, and secondary market transactions, they are transactions in which the investor buys stocks after the investor wants to sell at the prevailing price, after doing a good study of what These are the shares and what kinds of them to buy the shares that are appropriate to his financial situation. These operations are usually done through a broker, and the secondary market provides investors who want to end the transactions an opportunity to sell all the shares and exit the financial market.


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