Oahu Island is nicknamed The Gathering Place because ancient Hawaiian tribes came from all over the Hawaiian Islands and congregated in Oahu.

Today, Asian culture blends with Honolulu, the largest city and capital of Hawaii

Culturally diverse, it is an ideal crossroads for Asia and the Pacific Islands.

After we spoke on a previous trip to La Gomera in the Canary Islands, as well as a trip to Grenada and Havana in Cuba, as well as the wonderful trip to Barbados.

Oahu Island must take its right to talk about it and mention the most important tourist places in it.

Comprehensive tourist guide to Oahu Island

Arrive Oahu by plane

It is the most obvious choice, as it is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the cheapest flights to Oahu come from East Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, etc.)

But the United States has cheaper options, especially from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Seattle

Arrival to Oahu by ship

Cruise ships go to Hawaii all the time and to reach Oahu it means getting off at Honolulu Port.

As the flight takes 12-24 hours if you are lucky so I prefer to fly

Accommodation in Oahu


Most hotels will be on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. If you like nightlife, you can go to this beach.

If you want to get away from the city, there are a number of options in other cities around the island

Like Paradise Bay on the side of the island in Kaneohe

You will be lucky if you find a hotel for less than $ 100 a night.

Most places cost US $ 200, especially if they have a private beach on the sea

Generally, you can find and book the best hotels on the Hawaiian Islands.

The hostel and the hostel

Most of the lodges are in Honolulu. If you are planning a trip for two weeks or more, the hostel may not be a suitable option unless you want to move from one place to another while you are in the city.

Along the north shore there are also many inns to choose from on the beach directly for less than $ 100 USD a night in Honolulu

Airbnb and Couchsurfing reservation sites

These sites will find lots of options in it and it’s relatively easy to find a private room for under $ 80 a night

No matter where you want to stay on the island, you must search early

Places to eat


You can try authentic Asian food from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and other countries

You will find everything here and there is a popular local restaurant, L&L L&L Hawaiian Barbeque, which includes pasta, rice dishes, and burgers.

In Honolulu, you can find restaurants on Waikiki Beach

Cheap restaurants

Most restaurants on the island are very expensive, and most places you will find are $ 10 USD per meal (outside the Waikiki beach).

Spam musubi’s meal is the local favorite but if you find it more than $ 2.50 USD it is not worth it, go to the nearest gas station and it will be less than $ 2 and it is guaranteed

grocery shop

Walmart has stores all over Oahu for those who don’t know, Walmart is a cheap supermarket that has everything, from groceries to clothing, movies, and make-up,

And other things you’ll find in one store.

It’s cheaper because most things are imported from other countries at a cheaper price than usual and there is also a Costco store

Although most of the cities outside Honolulu are residential, there are plenty of small grocery stores to shop like Safeway and Foodland

I suggest going to it if you are staying for a week or more, and in this way you can save money


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